Jennifer Silva - Newmarket Ontario

My friend Karen watched me as I again tried another product to rid my house of cat urine smell. My older cat would lose control of herself because of bladder infections. Sadly, she is no longer with us but the smell still is. I had tried anything and everything and along with the scrubbing and money spent the smell still remained. Karen had suggested that I try a Chemical Free Ozone Treatment her mother’s Real Estate Agent had used to help with the sale of her Mother’s house. The home had been smoked in for many years and had a terrible cigarette odour along with a very musty smell in her basement. Karen had spent endless hours scrubbing and even a fresh coat of paint could not get rid of the smell. After only one treatment the house and furniture smelled fresh and clean and the house sold three weeks later. The best thing about it was she said,

“I didn’t have to do all that work and there are no chemicals used.” Karen had convinced me to try “The OZONE treatment. I called DeVi Clean Air and Debbie came in and set up the equipment. I had to leave the house for a few hours but when I returned the urine smell was finally gone. I am actually still enjoying the fresh smell week after week. I couldn't be happier. I will most definitely be recommending DeVi Clean Air to all of my family and friends.

Sally Bridges - Newmarket Ontario

My garage is old and had all kinds of smells. It is dry walled and I wanted to make it into a play room for the kids as our car is too big to fit into it. My husband used to smoke in it and there was a smell of paint and oil. I had been told by a company that I would have to replace all the drywall as painting would not cover the smell and that was really expensive and I could not afford it. So I called Devi Clean Air. The ad said " the Ozone Treatment would get rid of the smells." So I called and got a quote a lot cheaper than replacing dry wall. I am soooooooo happy I did. I was able to set up the playroom after the treatment. Now my children have an area that is safe and chemical free to play in. 

 Thank You Debbie!!!

Terry Bodnar - Newmarket Ontario

I have a Cold cellar in my basement that developed a mould problem. I threw out everything that was in there short of the steel shelving. Then bought a mould killing spray and used on all walls, ceiling and floor. 2 spray bottles at a time and did 3 applications including the shelving. Still I could smell mould.

Heard about DeVi and gave them a call.

One 2 hour application of Ozone and a good ventilation solved the problem. Not a hint of mould anymore. I wish I knew about this before, I could have saved hours of work and $ on the spray. It would be interesting to see if I really needed to throw away the things stored in the room.

Great job done.